Get Involved

Do you want to get involved in something bigger than yourself, where lives are saved and transformed? You’ve come to the right place. At Friends of Hand’n Hand and you can join us in a variety of ways. If you’re an individual looking for a way to get plugged-in, you can volunteer, attend a fundraising event, or become a supporter for life. If you’re a church partner and are looking for ways to lock arms in pro-life ministry, there are several options available to you on our Churches page. Do you own a business or participate in a local organization and would like to partner with Hand ‘n Hand to bring hope and new beginnings to our community? Contact Us today.

Whatever way you choose to get involved, your support impacts our culture and future generations by being a blessing to those who need to know they are not alone, that they too have a hope and future. Be a life-saver and world-changer. Get involved today!