Hard Conversations: How to Discuss Abortion with Family and Friends

Abortion remains a contentious issue, especially following the overturning of Roe v. Wade and recent political shifts. You might find yourself dreading discussions with pro-abortion relatives and friends during gatherings. These conversations can be sensitive and emotionally charged. While we aim to avoid conflict, it’s important to stand up for the voiceless and vulnerable preborn babies.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “A man dies when he refuses to stand up for that which is right. A man dies when he refuses to stand up for justice. A man dies when he refuses to take a stand for that which is true.” Here are some tips for standing up for truth in a peaceful and productive way:

Listen and Clarify

Genuinely listen to understand the other person’s perspective. Avoid simply waiting for your turn to speak. It’s easy to assume you know what others think, especially if you’re familiar with pro-abortion arguments, but assumptions can often be incorrect.

Everyone’s opinions are shaped by their unique experiences and knowledge. Their definitions of terms like “abortion” and “life” might differ from yours. Use clarifying questions to ensure you fully understand their viewpoint.

Find Common Ground

Look for areas of agreement. Finding common points can make the conversation more civil and open up opportunities for deeper dialogue. Both sides often share the desire to show compassion and support for women facing unexpected pregnancies, even if they differ on the approach. Highlighting these shared values can help advance the conversation.

Know the Facts

Being persuasive requires a clear understanding of why you hold your beliefs. Familiarize yourself with pro-life arguments to better respond to questions and misinformation. Here are some helpful resources:

  • National Right to Life Committee’s Guide: Responding to basic pro-abortion arguments.
  • Myth Refutations: Addressing common myths about abortion and its medical necessity.
  • Pregnancy Resource Centers: Debunking false claims about these centers and clinics.
  • Trent Horn’s Talks: Watch pro-life speaker Trent Horn debunk common pro-abortion arguments.

Be Charitable

Remember, the person you’re talking to is made in God’s image and deserves respect and love, regardless of their views. They likely hold their beliefs because they see them as loving and reasonable.

It’s crucial to be sensitive, as you never know how someone might have been affected by abortion. Show compassion for the struggles of unexpected pregnancies and express your care for all those impacted by these circumstances.

Pay attention to your body language and tone. A furrowed brow or harsh language can make the other person feel attacked, while a know-it-all attitude might shut down the conversation. Keep your tone calm and sincere. Smile, relax, and nod in agreement when appropriate. A charitable attitude will convey the good intentions behind your perspective.

Let Go

Remember, you’re planting seeds, but it’s God who makes them grow. Changing minds usually takes time. Leave the conversation with a peaceful heart, knowing you stood up for the truth with love, and trust the Holy Spirit to take it from there.

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