History Has Been Made! Life Wins!

Today is a cause for celebration – a celebration of the recognition that Roe was wrongfully decided almost 50 years ago. Praise God for this win!  This is a day so many of us have waited and prayed for. But this isn’t the end of our fight…this is only the beginning. We must fight for pro-life legislation in our own states, we must elect lawmakers who will uphold the sanctity of all life. 

Changed laws don’t equal changed hearts, and the Supreme Court can’t outlaw unplanned, unexpected, and unexpectedly complicated pregnancies.

We must continue to let our actions show that we intend to support and provide resources for women with unplanned pregnancies. 

Now, more than ever, women are going to be searching for practical help that shows them they don’t need abortion to survive, succeed, or thrive in life. Now, more than ever before, the pro-life community needs to step up and show these women that we intend to be here for them and support them, no matter what. Women need to know how much their lives are worth and how they have value, before they can value the life of the baby inside of their womb. 

Here at Hand ‘n Hand Women’s Center we are committed to leading with love, standing shoulder to shoulder with our pro-life community, and embracing a post Roe America by showing up for these women in the ways they need us most. 

Please be in prayer for our center and others across the country.  There is a domestic terrorist group called “Jane’s Revenge” and they have made it very clear to the pregnancy help centers that “if abortions aren’t safe, you’re not either”. They have planned to protest and vandilize any organization that is anti-abortion. We have security measures in place and we know God is in control. 

“Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will upold you with my righteous right hand.”  –Isaiah 41:16

Tiffany DeLapp – Executive Director at Hand ‘n Hand Women’s Center 

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