70% Tax Credits


Missouri taxpayers, including individuals and businesses, who donate to a pregnancy resource center (Hand 'n Hand) like Hand ‘n Hand are helping provide hope and help to women and men facing unplanned pregnancy.

Under certain circumstances, financial gifts and event sponsorships may also be eligible for a state tax credit of 70% of the donation.

How the Process Works:

As donations are made and tax credit applications completed, HNH mails the applications with all supporting documentation to the Department of Social Services (DSS).  DSS then processes all applications and sends the tax credit certificates, which you will need to file your taxes, directly to the taxpayer.

At HNH, we submit tax credit applications within 3-5 business days of receiving them. We process those applications on a first-come, first-served basis.

In order for taxpayers to receive certificates of tax credits in time to be claimed on 2024 income tax returns, HNH must receive completed tax credit applications by February 5, 2025 for qualifying donations made in the 2024 tax year.

For specific information about HNH’s tax credits, please email Tiffany DeLapp at or call (636) 464-4505.

  • There is a $100 minimum contribution, of which 70% is tax-credit eligible for donations made after January 1, 2022. Donations made in 2020 are eligible for a 50% tax credit.
  • Make a qualifying donation.
  • Submit a complete and accurate original (no photocopies, faxes or emailed copies) tax credit application to

    Hand ‘n Hand within 12 months of the donation date.  If filing a joint tax return, both names, social security numbers and signatures must be included on the application. 

  • Respond to all requests from DSS for eligibility verification and analysis of tax credit amounts used throughout the fiscal year.
  • Complete our portion of all tax credit applications, including the total value of all donations during the specific time period, the tax credit amount for that same period and the Executive Director’s signature.
  • Compile supporting documentation and submit with tax credit applications to DSS in a timely manner.  We may request additional supporting documentation from the taxpayer(s) for certain types of donations, such as stocks or bonds.
  • Process tax credit applications on a first-come, first-served basis. We are not able to offer any exceptions to this DSS rule.
No, there are many different benevolent tax credits in Missouri, and each one is administered under different guidelines.
For more detailed information about Missouri Hand ‘n Hand tax credits, please visit: